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Manufacturers today face a barrage of cybersecurity threats and at least 50% of the companies have fallen to a data breach in the last 12 months according to the 2019 Manufacturing and Distribution Report. Many manufacturing and logistics companies have systems that are weak by design because of a failure to be held to industry compliance standards.

Today’s digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence and robotics can increase your vulnerabilities to the growing threat of cyber attacks and data breaches. Data breaches in this industry are not usually publicly disclosed because the information stolen is not necessarily subject to legal disclosure and regulations. This makes it appear as though manufacturers are attacked less often than they usually are. Hackers in this industry are prone to targeting trade secrets and intellectual property.

Maintaining a trusted supply chain in multiple locations with vendors and clients requires a fast, efficient and secure IT environment for manufacturers and distribution companies. Global IP Networks has more than 20 years experience with manufacturing and logistical companies. From infrastructure, application and data protection to cloud and managed security services, we have the expertise designed to safeguard your company’s critical assets.

Services for Manufacturing and Distribution

Cloud Services


IT Network Management

Digital Transformation

The right technology inside your organization is critical to your success. Whether you are expanding your manufacturing line, improving & enhancing your cybersecurity measures or improving your customers digital experience you need smart technology planning and assistance from an experienced technology company to help you grow your manufacturing business.

Having the right partner to help you with your digital transformation processes and policies will help you scale all areas of your organization and take on new initiatives.

Global IP Networks has the skills and team to know how to help you take on and address your business initiatives, process improvements and control your costs.

Keep Your Company's Data Safe

Data security is more important than ever. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly trying to get to your data and even a small slip up or mistake can let them in and cause irreparable damage. The digitization & automation of your manufacturing and supply chain processes creates vulnerable attack surfaces that must be protected.

We will keep your company’s data safe with expert security services and 24×7 monitoring, as well as dark web scanning and monitoring for stolen credentials. Our team will ensure all your security software & processes are comprehensive and up to date, your emails are protected, data is encrypted and your Wi-fi is secure.

Global Care

Global IP Networks offers a comprehensive set of IT Services for Manufacturing Industry

Managed Network Services

Data and software now reside in the cloud and employees are working from home and your network provides everything people need to do their jobs.

Your network devices like switches, firewalls, routers and even your internet connection must work perfectly or your business comes to a halt.

We keep things running smoothly 24x7x365.

Cloud Services
Private - Public - Hybrid

Managing a cloud platform requires a variety of technical knowledge and a large time commitment, making it difficult for many companies to handle their platform by themselves. By outsourcing your cloud services, you gain a network of expertise while allowing you to better utilize personal resources.

We work with your team to architect and build the cloud solution your business needs.

Cybersecurity Services

Securing desktops, business apps, remote workers and critical infrastructure is more important today than ever before.

We protect your data from phishing attacks, malware infections, identify infected devices and prevent data theft.

We provide enterprise grade threat protection.

Keep Business Running Smoothly with 24x7 Support

Your business relies on your technology running flawlessly to ensure your success. Running it successfully requires a reliable and accountable IT service provider who is with you 24x7x365 days a year.

Global IP Networks support team is on duty every hour of every day to assist you with everything from basic troubleshooting to proactive monitoring and even the blue screen of death. Our engineers and network operating center teams are trained to address and remedy your IT issues.

Speak with a Global IP Networks representative today and learn how we can help you manage your IT so you can focus on what matters most: your business!

Services Overview

  • Unlimited Help Desk
  • Backup Protection & Management
  • 24 x7  Monitoring
  • Ticketing System
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Patch Management & OS Upgrades
  • Central Antivirus and Spyware Management
  • Cloud Architecture Services
  • Cloud Monitoring Services
  • Email and Collaboration Services
  • Storage Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Colocation Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Wi-Fi Management

What Our Clients Say

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