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Our Mission

Generational Bloom is a small indoor family farm located in Paso Robles CA. We specialize in delivering delicious nutrient dense foods that are all grown locally in the Central Coast. Our message is to encourage generational health through Earth made medicine. We believe being informed is critical to our mission. We also aim to improve the sustainability of our local community by spreading the importance of generational health. Generational health is the principal that consuming sustainable organic Earth grown medicine is vital for future generations.

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About The Company

Contactless Delivery

We deliver every two weeks, simply leave a cooler out and we will drop off your fresh living foods. With social distancing still important our delivery system ensures public safety. All Microgreens and Herbs are grown to order and harvested the day before delivery. Delivery is offered to homes, workplaces, health food stores, restaurants, and fitness centers.

Our Produce

Remarkably Fresh

Our microgreens and herbs are still living. Our produce is harvested within 24 hours of delivery. This guarantees that yo enjoy the benefit of superior quality and on enhanced shelf-life.


Our produce is grown more sustainably compared to conventional agriculture practices. We use less water our bottom watering technique. We never use any pesticides or fertilizers. our trays are sanitized and then reused. All grown locally which results in less pollution from transportation and a more sustainable community.

The Owner


Kiana has an intense passion for gardening and Earth medicine. She worked in a city park in Northern California while earning her Horticulture degree from Butte College. This is where she cultivated her love for the power of plants. She also learned the importance of consuming organic nutrient dense foods that are vital for optimal health. Kiana loves sharing her passion for growing and has extensive knowledge of horticulture. The passion for spreading generational health is what brought her company Generational Bloom to life.